Working Group II


 The Working Group II considered recommendations by IFCC-X meeting in Tehran regarding concrete South-South projects and re-affirmed its guidelines for effective implementation by countries while undertaking South-South projects.

The following countries submitted their projects in writing to the Working Group:


    1. Strengthening the Regional Capacity for Disasters Reduction through the Integration of Risk Management Approach.
    2. Government Proposal for the Fight against HIV/AIDS
    3. Support for Thematic and Territorial Networks for Human Development.
    4. Program of Literacy "Yo si puedo" "Yes I can"
    5. Regional Training Centre on Sustainable Land Management.
    6. Control of Land Degradation and Desertification processes in the insular Caribbean
    7. Regional Training Center of BioSafety
    8. Training Network for Trainers on Distant Education
    9. South-South Cooperation for Contributing to Sustainable Development of Rice Production in Small-Scale Extension Productive Systems.
    10. Contribution to the Food Security through the Development of the Urban Agriculture.
    11. Restoration of Agro biodiversity Eroded by Situation of Natural Disasters
    12. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Observatory.
    13. Community Institution to the Service to the Teaching of the Computer Science and Communications. (TICs)
    14. Strengthening of the Regional Capacity from National Institute for Housing In the Caribbean at its Facing to Natural Disasters.


    1. Training on Development of Small and Medium Enterprises.
    2. Training on Microfinance
    3. Training on Application of Information for Communication Technology

The group heard a presentation by Indonesia on these three project proposals for implementation of which further cooperation from other countries was sought.


    1. An Uruguayan Experts Directory in Agricultural and livestock related activities.


    1. To Identify and Contribute towards the Removal of Barriers to Small Hydropower Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    2. Promoting Dairy Processing of Southern Africa through High Value-added Dairy Product Programme.
    3. Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation on Edible Mushroom Technology



    1. Food Security


The delegation of El Salvador expressed the intention of its country to submit one draft project proposal, namely on National Police Training and Strategy Regulatory Framework and Transit Police.

Jamaica also expressed its willingness to submit project outlines on Food Processing/Sugar Technology, and Different Sources of Energy, such as Oil and Gas Exploration, BioMass, Hydro, and Solar.

India briefed the meeting on it's launching of several new initiatives such as: The Techno-Economic Approach for Africa-India Movement (TEAM-9); The Trilateral Commission of India, Brazil, and South Africa (IBSA); The Trust Fund within the UNDP for Poverty Alleviation, Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation, and Connectivity Mission in Africa. All these initiatives are open for the participants from all developing countries.

The working group also had a presentation by the UN resident coordinator in Cuba on the initiative for Innovative Integrated Triangular Partnership Approach to Community Development known as the ART Initiative.

The working group also heard a progress report from Nigeria on the implementation of the project on Action Committee on Raw Materials, which was established at the 6 th meeting of the IFCC as well as the implementation of the South-South Healthcare Delivery Program, with its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. The Chairman of the G-77 was requested to arrange suitable dates for the second meeting of the Action Committee on Raw Materials to be convened as soon as possible. A request was also made that the establishment of the Regional Raw Material Information System for Africa would be included as one of the priority projects to be considered by the Second South Summit. These would require financial support as well as wider participation by developing countries.

In light of discussion in the working group the meeting decided to act in the following manner: