Geneva Chapter outlines negotiating position on WTO

GENEVA, Mar - The most demanding task of the Geneva Chapter of the Group of 77 is the discussion of a positive agenda which will ''allow us to dispose of a favourable negotiating platform before the World Trade Organisation (WTO),'' Costa Rica's ambassador, Janina del Vecchio, told reporters.

The other issues of the chapter are related to the process being followed in Geneva in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

The G-77 is particularly looking at some of the most important issues for mid-term review, which will take place on July 10, to analyse the fulfilment and achievements of the commitments established in Midrand, during the ninth UNCTAD meeting in this South African city.

The final UNCTAD IX document, known as ''A Partnership for Growth and Development,'' contains guidelines and mandates shared by the G-77, said Del Vecchio.

Del Vecchio said the WTO was ''making a very great effort to cover the issue of trade, and is the only one to do so.''

But UNCTAD is the UN entity dealing with trade and development issues, she said.
The G-77 meeting in Geneva decided to establish the focal point mechanism in order to facilitate the treatment of specific subject areas considered by the Group as priorities for the development of a ''positive agenda'' in trade and development. Many G-77 countries were designated to coordinatee the focal points.