UNCTAD and UNDP join hands in facing challenges of globalisation

GENEVA, Mar - UNCTAD and UNDP signed recently a memorandum of understanding designed to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to become full integrated int he global economy. The agreement focuses on collaboration in the areas of trade, enterprise development, investment and capacity building for sustainable human development (SHD).

The main objectives of the UNDP/UNCTAD memornadum of understanding are to:

  • achieve greater synergy between UNCTAD's work in trade, investment and related activities and UNDP's vision of sustainable human development;
  • strengthen links between the organizations' policy and operational activities, and;
  • improve collaborative programming.

There is strong complementarity between development activities of UNDP and UNCTAD. UNDP supports anti-poverty initiatives in 170 countries and territories, and has a network of Resident Representaitves in more than 130 countries. UNCTAD is the focal point within the UN for the integrated treatment of development and itnerrelated issues in the areas of trade, finance, technology, investment and sustainable development.