Journal of the Group of 77

HIGHLIGHTS: Developing nations continue to face rash of economic problem, says G-77 .... Debt burden weighs heavily on developing nations, says G-77 .... ODA lowest on record, says NGO coalition .... After Tokyo, new round of battle coming up .... Gamani Corea says in interview there is merit in an Asian monetary fund .... Plans for summit or special session on development financing .... U.N. to host conference on least developed countries .... G-77 supports U.N. reform process ... and more

HIGHLIGHTS: UN Special Sesions fails to generate commitments from North ..... Earth Summit results modest, says Tanzanian President ..... Non-aligned Movement has not outlived its usefulness, says Colombian President .... G-77 welcomes U.K.'s decision to stay in UNIDO ..... UNOPS turns into an entirely self-financing entity in UN system .... Nairobi Chapter says budgetary cuts will hurt developing nations and weaken Habitat .... and more

HIGHLIGHTS: Developing nations have met their Rio commitments, says G-77 Chairman ..... Final word on U.N. reforms will be with Governments, says Executive Coordinator for U.N. Reform ..... High-level Committee on TCDC bolsters importance of South-South cooperation .... G-77 welcomes U.K.'s decision to rejoin UNESCO ..... and more

HIGHLIGHTS: A leaner and more efficient UNDP aims to fight global poverty, says UNDP .... Urgent need to hald the decline of ODA, says President of General Assembly .... Danish study hails UNIDO reform .... The politics of U.N. diplomatic parking .... Round table calls on developed countries to honour their Rio commitments ..... and more

HIGHLIGHTS: G-77 Chairman singles out poverty and debt as two critical Third World problems ..... Africa should receive U.N.'s undivided attention, says U.N. Secretary-General ..... Poorest losing out yet again in OECD's development vision for 21st century ..... U.S. continues to grab major U.N. contracts ..... U.N. should not diminish its role in social and economic affairs ..... and more