Journal of the Group of 77
Special Edition (September-November 2002)
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  • Editorial: Shukmran Dubai...
  • Developing nations adopt common vision for promotion of science & technology in the South
  • The exodus of scientific knowledge from the South must stop
  • Dubai Declaration for the Promotion of Science and Technology in the South
  • Workshop in ICTs, Biotechnology, adn Water
  • Dubai Declaration of Scientists of the Developing World on Science & Technolgoy for Peace and Development

Vol 15/2 (April-July 2002)
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  • Editorial: Why the World Needs a Humanitarian International Fund
  • G-77 nations to meet in Dubai on Science & Technology
  • Global economic crisis threatens stability & growth in the South
  • G-77 chair underlines importance of information technologies
  • Proposal for new UN agency for ageing needs consideration
  • Financing for development needs follow-up mechanism
  • Monterrey consensus a radical departure from the Washington Consensus
  • Developing nations need access to marine technology
  • Nairobi Chapter welcomes UN-HABITAT’s agenda for urban governance

Vol 15/1 (January-March 2002)
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  • Editorial: Presidential Diplomacy and the G-77
  • President Chávez calls for speedy action to resolve economic ills
  • Special Session to set out new goals for betterment of children
  • Financing South-South cooperation the biggest challenge
  • Monterey Consensus embodies commitment at the highest political levels
  • A 20-Year wait becomes reality: G-77 plays key role in Monterrery Consensus on FfD
  • Snippets