Ambassador Bagher Asadi (Islamic Republic of Iran), Chairman

G-77 Unveils New Web Site Features “G-77 Radio”, “G-77 NewsCentre”, & G-77 CCI Site

UNITED NATIONS (20 July 2001) - In order to mark the 37th anniversary of the establishment of the Group of Seventy-Seven (G-77) and on the eve of the tenth session of the IFCC to be held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran from 18 to 23 August 2001, the Office of the Chairman of the G-77 announced today that the process of construction of its new web site has been successfully completed. This new web site, reflects a number of major enhancements, with a view to responding to the increasing daily needs of member states and the general public. The new site also illustrates the expansion of the agenda and activities of the G-77, as well as the increasing demand for information from various institutions, particularly in the developing world.

G-77 Home PageBesides a new artistic design which provides a dynamic look for the G-77 as the largest organization for developing nations in the world, the new web site has a number of new sections. Among the new sections are the G-77 NewsCentre, G-77 Radio, the home page of the G-77 Chamber of Commerce and Industry (G-77 CCI), a site for the Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP), and the daily schedule of G-77 meetings at the United Nations in New York. This new web site includes the G-77 NewsCentre which will provide complete access to all press communiqués, statements, and speeches made on behalf of the G-77 at various meetings and press conferences. The G-77 NewsCentre will also feature a photo gallery of pictures from major G-77 events, the G-77 Journal, and G-77 Perspectives, a new periodical (

Additionally the NewsCentre will offer G-77 Radio, which will broadcast online monthly addresses by the G-77 chairman on issues of interest to developing countries. There is a special section for the IFCC-X conference, including information for participants and the media ( G-77 delegations in New York will have online access to the daily schedule of G-77 meetings. Private G-77 material and documents will be soon available to member states through a special section of the web site. The Office of the Chairman of the G-77 in New York, in close coordination with the chairmen/coordinators of the G-77 chapters, will host the home pages of these chapters on the G-77 web site.
In inaugurating the web site, Ambassador Bagher Asadi (Islamic Republic of Iran), Chairman of the G-77 said, “I have confidence that this web site will serve as a valuable resource for the G-77 and its member states to communicate our message to the world. I wish to express my deep sense of appreciation to the Office of the Chairman for creating this dynamic and innovative new web site, with its limited resources.”

The G-77 web site was first launched by the Office of the Chairman of the G-77 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in 1997 and since then, hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the globe have accessed information about the G-77 online. The new web site will be updated on a regular basis and features a historical gallery of chairmen of the G-77 in New York since 1973.


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