Ambassador Bagher Asadi (Islamic Republic of Iran), Chairman

G-77 Chairman: Political Integrity of Bonn Agreements Should be Preserved

MARRAKECH (29 October 2001) - Chairman of the Group of 77, Ambassador Bagher Asadi (Islamic Republic of Iran) stated in his statement at the opening meeting at the seventh session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention that the developing world was committed to remain faithful to the Bonn Agreements. He called on all other partners to do so. He added “such an approach by all is absolutely imperative for this conference to achieve ultimate success of this unique multilateral process and give practical effect to those Agreements.”

He also emphasized the importance of the Agreements reached in Bonn, Germany, in late July 2001, for the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. Characterizing the Bonn Agreements as an honourable deal and an outcome of international cooperation, dialogue and understanding, the G-77 Chairman hailed the spirit of cooperation, sense of pragmatism and flexibility of the negotiators in Bonn. He further underscored that as a result of the tragic events of September 11 and its consequences the need for genuine multilateralism across the board has never been as compelling and urgent.

While recognizing outstanding differences on a number of important issues before COP-7, Ambassador Asadi expressed confidence that both developed and developing countries would agree on the fundamental necessity of preserving the integrity of the Bonn Agreements. He further cautioned against the temptation in the Conference for re-opening those Agreements. The G-77 Chairman underlined the determination of the developing world to continue negotiation in earnest in Marrakesh to “help crown the Bonn achievement with yet another, higher stage of international, intergovernmental agreement that would ensure the entry into force of the Kyoto protocol before the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD / Johannesburg Summit)”.

On issues related to the preparations for the WSSD, Ambassador Asadi emphasized the importance of the full implementation of the Agenda 21 and fulfillment of the past promises and commitments. Referring to the question of “new commitments for the developing world”, as implied in a report before the Conference, he further asserted that “neither COP-7 nor the Johannesburg Summit is the proper forum for such an untimely suggestion, which would prove extremely divisive in an atmosphere requiring good-will and disposition to consensus.” In his view, success of the Marrakesh Conference would send a potent message and make a substantive contribution to that Summit.


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