Results of PGTF - Project INT/03/K09

INT/03/K09 - Increase in sugar production by microbiological inhibition of the Leuconostoc spp. and other bacteria

Submitter: Cuban Research Institute for Sugar Cane by-Products (ICIDCA) from Cuba
Subcontractor: same as above
Priority area: Food and Agriculture
Participating/beneficiary countries: 3 countries (Argentina, Cuba, and Mexico)
PGTF input (US$): 25,000
Other inputs (US$): 30,000
Date of implementation: 2003-2004
Impact: An inhibitor was found to have superior effects over commercial disinfection products commonly used for microbial inhibition of sugar cane losses in the sugar production process.

Contact:   Contact person: Georgina Michelena Alvarez
Address: Vía Blanca #804 y Carretera Central, San Miguel del Padrón, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Telephone: (537)557015, 986501 ext. 202
Fax: (537)338236
Email: miche @

Final Report:

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