Results of PGTF - Project INT/05/K03

INT/05/K03 - Training of Groundnut Breeding Experts for the Effective Use of Groundnut Genetic Resources in the Developing Countries

Submitter: Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Subcontractor: same as above
Priority area: Food and agriculture
Participating/beneficiary countries: 5 countries (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal)
PGTF input (US$): US$45,000
Other inputs (US$): US$67,500
Date of implementation: 2005
Impact: A one-week training course for 10 participants from Guinea, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal was conducted in Guinea, including theoretical training and lectures, field practice and visits. Participants were familiarized with the technologies for breeding and cultivation of groundnuts, as well as with the establishment of groundnut breeding systems fit for their own specific conditions, and capacity building for the self-training of more and competent groundnut breeders.

Contact:   National Coordinating Committee for UNDP
JungSong Dong, Central District
Pyongyang City, DPR Korea
Tel: (850)(2)382-7222
Fax: (850)(2)3814660
Contact person: Ri Song Chol, Programme Coordinator at NCC

Final Report:

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