Results of PGTF - Project INT/06/K09

INT/06/K09 - Harmonization of norms and procedures for agronomic evaluation of commercial varieties in Peru, Colombia and Bolivia

Submitter: National Service of Agrarian Health (SENASA) from Peru
Subcontractor: same as above
Priority area: Food and agriculture
Participating/beneficiary countries: 3 countries (Bolivia, Colombia and Peru)
PGTF input: US$30,000
Other inputs: US$40,000
Number: INT/06/K09
Duration: Eight (8) months
Completion: Final report submitted on 8 January 2009
Impact: methodology was developed and tested to harmonize the agronomic evaluation and registry of 13 commercial crops with a view to facilitating the introduction and liberalization of new crop varieties for the benefit of agriculture in the participating countries.

Contact:   Ing. Gonzalo Tejada Lopez
Director de Insumos Agricolas
Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria (SENASA)
Sede Central: Av. La Molina Nº 1915
Lima 12 - La Molina, Lima-Perú
Tel. (51)-(1)-313 3300
Fax: (51)-(1)-340 1486
Email: gtejada @

Final Report:

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