Results of PGTF - Project INT/09/K06

INT/09/K06 - Exchange of experiences on assistance services for exporters and utilization of technological tools for supporting export-promotion organizations in the Andean region

Submitter: PROMPERU, Trade Promotion Agency of Peru, Lima, Peru
Subcontractor: same as above
Priority area: Trade
Participating/beneficiary countries: 5 countries (Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador and Peru)
PGTF input: US$ 33,000
Other inputs: US$ 36,700
Number: INT/09/K06
Duration: Two (2) months
Approval: 32nd Annual Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77 (New York, 26 September 2008)
Completion: Final report submitted on 4 April 2011
Impact: Representatives of trade promotion agencies from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru participated in a three-day workshop to share knowledge, expertise and experience in the use of the latest information technology and relational marketing tools for trade promotion, with a view to identifying best practices and delivering more efficient customer services of higher quality.

Contact:   Comisión de Promoción del Perú para la Exportación y el Turismo - PROMPERU
Secretaría General
Av. República de Panamá 3647, San Isidro
Lima 27, Perú
Phone: 51-1-2221222 | 51-1-2210880
Fax: 51-1-4214650 Website:

Final Report:

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