Results of PGTF - Project INT/12/K05

INT/12/K05 - Consortium on Science, Technology and Innovation for the South (COSTIS)

Submitter: Argentina, as Chair country of the Group of 77.
Subcontractor:  Not required.
Priority area: Technnology .
Participating/beneficiary countries: All member countris of the Group of 77 .
PGTF input: US$ 27,000.
Other inputs: US$ 61,000.
Number: INT/12/K05.
Duration: 2013-2018.
Approval: 35th Annual Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77 (New York, 23 September 2011).
Completion: Final report submitted on 16 July 2018.
Impact:  Directory profiles 134 national institutions, located within the Member States of the Group of 77, responsible for science and technology. Each entry in the directory provides background information of the selected national scientific institution, its main objectives and contact information aimed at facilitating collaboration between scientific institutions in the South.

Contact:   Executive Secretariat of the Group of 77
United Nations, Room S-0518
New York, NY 10017
Tel.: (212)963-4777
Fax: (212)963-3515
Email: secretariat @

Final Report:

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      * Note: The reports posted have been prepared by the submitting institutions and their content is the sole responsibility of their authors. Please forward any inquiries or requests for further information to the contact person provided and kindly send a copy to the Office of the Chairman of the Group of 77 for our records.