Results of PGTF - Project INT/12/K15

INT/12/K15 - Scientific-technical observatory on vaccines (VaCyT)

Submitter: Finlay Institute, Center for Research-Production of Vaccines, based in Havana, Cuba.
Subcontractor:  Same as above.
Priority area: Health.
Participating/beneficiary countries: 7 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico and Venezuela).
PGTF input: US$ 25,000.
Other inputs: US$ 437,867.
Number: INT/12/K15.
Duration: 2014-2017.
Approval: 35th Annual Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77 (New York, 23 September 2011).
Completion: Final report submitted on 28 September 2017.
Impact:  Creation of an online database as a tool to facilitate the organization, planning and evaluation of vaccine research findings that would strengthen the capacity of developing countries to implement scientific-technical policies and strategies in the field of vaccines and thereby contribute to the reduction of mortality and incidence rates of the leading communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Contact:   Finlay Institute, Center for Research-Production of Vaccines
Avenida No. 21, No. 19810, entre 198 y 200, Reparto Atabey, Playa
La Habana, Cuba
Tel: 53-7-2086086
Tel: 53-7-2080976
Email: vacyt @

Final Report:

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