Results of PGTF - Project INT/89/K04

INT/89/K04 - Cooperation among developing countries' consultancy and engineering design organizations for better access and position in international consultancy and engineering market

Submitter: International Center for Public Enterprises of Developing Countries (ICPE) and International  Association of State Trading Organizations of Developing Countries (ASTRO), based in former Yugoslavia (Slovenia)
Subcontractor: Not required
Priority area: Technical cooperation among developing countries
Participating/beneficiary countries: All member countries of the Group of 77
PGTF input: US$90,000
Other inputs: US$9,000
Number: INT/89/K04
Duration: Eighteen (18) months
Approval: IFCC-VII (Kuala Lumpur, 31 July-5 August 1989)
Completion: Final Report submitted on 4 January 1996

Contact:   International Centre for Public Enterprises in Developing Countries (ICPE) and International, Former Yugoslavia (Slovenia)
Association of State Trading Organizations of Developing Countries (ASTRO), Former Yugoslavia (Slovenia)

Final Report:

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