Results of PGTF - Project INT/93/K01

INT/93/K01 - African Agency for Biotechnology (Phase II) Number: INT/92/K06 (Phase I) and INT/93/K01 (Phase II)

PGTF input (US$): 150,000 and 150,000
Other inputs (US$): Nil
Date of implementation: 1993-2000 and 1994-2000 respectively
Impact: Provided seed money for the setting up of the Agency. Financed 16 country studies (one for each member state), as well as acquisition of equipment and setting up of the operating structures of the Agency. Current regular budget activities financed by member country contributions and funds from regional development banks.

Contact:   African Agency of Biotechnology
23 Avenue de la Roberstau, Télemly, BP 63
Algiers, Algeria Phone: (021) 63 / 87 / 16
Fax: (021) 63 / 87 / 17 & 14
Email: aab @

NOTE: The final report of projects INT/92/K06 and INT/93/K01 is identical since the two projects correspond to two different phases of the same project.

Final Report:

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