General Remarks

1. The Group would like to express its appreciation for the co-facilitators for convening today's meeting, and for giving delegations sufficient time to study the matrix.

2. I wish to reaffirm to you the Group's full support and commitment to engage constructively in this process.

3. We would like inquire if we are going to be tackling the targets at any stage during this exercise, because we are of the view that we need to see substantively all agenda items in a holistic manner and to make a more detailed analysis of the SDGs and the agenda items, which will lead for sure to substantive decisions.

4. We do have proposals and queries to the matrix, and we will be providing them when we start tackling the SDGs, however, to better understand the matrix, and how the selections were made, we would also like to seek clarity on the criteria and method used to determine which agenda items belong to a specific SDG.

5. In this regard, we are of the view that when listing the agenda items, we should bear in mind the real contribution of each agenda item to the SDG and that the agenda items really promote the implementation of the SDGs.

6. We have another query in relation to the format, we have noticed that there are agenda items reflected sometimes in bold in some SDGs, while not in bold in another SDGs, (example: agenda item 18, in the first couple of SDGs), we therefore would like to seek clarity on the reasoning behind having them bold in some SDGs, and not bold in others.

7. We noticed that the Second Committee is singled out in the zero-draft resolution on the revitalization of the work of the General Assembly by the Co-chairs of the Ad Hoc Working Group. We are dissatisfied with this practice by singling out one specific Committee of the General Assembly and must avoid it throughout the process

8. Finally, we would like to stress that this is not a closed document; and that it will continue to be possible to include further agenda items whenever a necessity arises, and where we believe there are gaps.

G77 Comments on the matrix, SDG by SDG

- SDG 1:

a) In the third committee column, we have noticed that agenda item 24, sub-item (B) women and development is listed while it is not in third committee. we would like to ask for clarification for its inclusion under third committee.

b) On Agenda item 23, groups of countries in special situations, we noticed that only LDCs and LLDCs are listed, while SIDs were not included? Thus, this takes us back to the query that we made in our general remarks on the criteria and method for choosing which goes under each SDG, and what is the evidence-based to include a Group of countries in some SDGs, and not including others.
c) We also see that IFFs should be included in SDG 1 and 2 under agenda item 18.

- SDG 2:

a) We would like to see the full subtitles of the agenda item 18 reflected, and similarly to all subtitles of the agenda items, throughout the entire matrix.

b) Similar to our previous comment on the previous SDG, we noticed that Agenda item 23, groups of countries in special situations, only LDCs, what is the reason behind not listing LLDCs.

c) We would like to see agenda item 68, on NEPAD, listed under plenary, since it addresses many issues in Africa including the ending hunger.

- SDG 3:

a) We have the same comment as the previous one with regard to Agenda item 23, and the list of groups of countries in special situations.

b) Would the Universal Health Coverage be listed under this SDG?

- SDG 4:

a) We have the same comment as the previous one with regard to SDG 23, and the list of groups of countries in special situations.

b) As mentioned earlier, many SDG's are captured in NEPAD, and this would another one, where we would like to see its mention in the plenary column.

- SDG 5:

a) We seek clarity on the reasoning for including only International System for development under item 18, when there are other sub items under this agenda item.

- SDG 6:

a) We would like to include agenda item 20C on Disaster Risk Reduction that talks about natural disaster, and 20E on Desertification where water management is necessary in reducing the impacts of water-related disasters such as floods and droughts.

- SDG 7:

a) No comment

- SDG 8:

a) We would like to ask why was Agenda Item 109 included under SDG 8?

b) Since the targets are not tackled so far, how can we introduce targets that are not covered, and here we are specifically talking about target 1.b.

c) Also, here, we see Agenda item 18 along with its sub items in bold, we would like what is the reasoning behind that?

- SDG 9:

a) Under agenda item 22, we add an additional item which is development cooperation in Middle Income Countries.

- SDG 10:

a) Under ECOSOC, since one of the main goals of the FFD forum is to reduce inequalities within and among countries, so we would like to include FFD forum.

b) Here also under agenda 23, we only see LDCs, and LLDCs, what is the rationale behind it.

- SDG 11:

a) Under agenda 23, we only see LDCs. What is the rationale behind this? We reiterate the need to also see mention of SID's and LLDC's.

- SDG 12:

a) No comment

- SDG 13:

a) In this SDG, we are discussing combatting climate change, why aren't SIDS and LDCs included in this SDG?

- SDG 14:

a) Also, we wish to inquire with the Secretariat as to why BBNJ was not included.
b) The Oceans Conference also tackles upon climate-related topics whether under plenary or 6th committee.

- SDG 15:

a) here again, agenda item 20 and all sub-items under it, are in bold, is there a specific reason behind that?

- SDG 16:

a) Propose to include agenda item on crime prevention and criminal justice.

b) inquire on the inclusion of the NGO Committee, why is it listed in the matrix, and what is the link between the decision on the status of NGOs and the implementation of SDG 16.

c) Propose to include agenda item 33 "the role of diamonds in conflict" under plenary.

- SDG 17:

a) Propose to include under plenary agenda Item 128 on Cooperation between the UN and Other Regional Organizations, which is a biannual item.

b) Propose to include Under plenary, item 133 on "Rapid Technological Change".

c) Under agenda item 22, we would like to include the item on Development Cooperation in Middle Income Counties.

d) Combatting illicit financial flows requires partnerships, therefore Agenda Item pertaining to illicit financial flows should be included.

e) SIDS remains excluded under agenda 23.

f) We would like to include under plenary agenda item 68.

g) Causes of conflict and the promotion of durable peace and sustainable development in Africa is missing in this matrix

On the Criteria:

a) We believe that it is still premature to discuss the Criteria at this stage, we are not yet at the stage of addressing overlaps. We need, first, to have a detailed, thorough and comprehensive discussion on the SDGs and the agenda items before we discuss the criteria for overlap. We don't want to prejudge the results of the discussions.

b) We would like to inquire on the future of this document, is it only food for thought or it will undergo negotiations? Also, is it going to be an inclusive checklist? what if we meet all the points in the checklist, except one, what will be the reflection in that case?

c) At the appropriate time, the Group is of the view that we can't have just one set of criteria, there is going to be different criteria for each case. We therefore, need to see case by case about overlaps.