Statement of the G-77 and China during the First Intersessional Meeting of the 47th session of the CND, 16.1.2004 delivered by H.E. Ambassador Taous Feroukhi, Permanent Representative of Algeria

Mr. Chairman,

I have the honour to speak on behalf of the G-77 and China. Let me express our joy at seeing you preside over the first intersessional meeting of the 47th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND).

I wish to express our appreciation in convening this intersessional meeting, though at a short notice, to sort the outstanding issues in preparation of the 47th session of the CND. In this regard, I have the honour to present the position of the G-77 and China.

Concerning the duration of the session, the Group supports a five-working day session running from Monday through Friday. Mr. Chairman, most members of our Group face budgetary constraints, which make it difficult to participate beyond five working days.

If a five-working day session is acceptable, it follows that draft resolutions should be submitted well in advance to ensure their translation into the different working languages and for them to be transmitted in time to our capitals. We must try our best to avoid duplication and last minute submission of resolutions. In this connection, we call upon all the regional groups to work in close cooperation so as to harmonize their positions on the draft resolutions.

Mr. Chairman, the Group believes that it is not the total number of resolutions that matters but the quality of these resolutions. Nevertheless, and mindful of the Rules of Procedure, we request the Bureau to set appropriate guidelines on the timing of submission of draft resolutions.

On the organization of the thematic debate, the G-77 and China supports the idea of Panel of Expert's discussions with sufficient number of speakers that would permit interactive discussions between panelists and delegations. The Group recommends an equitable geographical representation of experts on the panels.

Regarding the draft Programme of Work, the Group believes that it is for the Secretariat to draw up the programme based on the agreed duration of the session.

In conclusion Mr. Chairman, the G-77 and China expresses its willingness to cooperate with all regional groups in order to achieve the goals of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

Thank you for your attention.

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