Statement by the Group of 77 and China during the tenth session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Vienna 8-17 May 2001 delivered by H.E. Ambassador Sameh H. Shoukry Selim, Permanent Representative of Egypt

Mr. Chairman,

Allow me first to express on behalf of the Group of 77 and China our congratulations to you on your election, as well as to the other members of the Bureau and to assure you of our full commitment to support your efforts for the successful conclusion of our work.

While commending the Secretariat for its valuable contribution in the preparation for this session, we cannot help but notice the desired results, since most of the documents of the session were available only last week in all working languages. This situation has adversely affected our delegations capability to thoroughly study the documents and come fully prepared for this session. We call upon the Secretariat to take the necessary measures to avoid in the future any recurrence of this regrettable situation.

The Group takes note of the draft Plans of action prepared by the Secretariat for the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Vienna Declaration adopted by the Tenth Congress on Crime Prevention and Treatment of Offenders. Though these plans are very ambitious and may reduce the extent of international crime, if fully implemented, the Group is of the view that the objectives can not be achieved unless the international community, particularly the donors community, commits itself to providing to developing countries both technical and financial assistance and training, especially by making adequate contributions to the United Nations Fund for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. This assistance should also be extended to the implementation of the three Global Programmes initiated by the ODCCP against Trafficking in Persons and Corruption, and studies on the extent of Transnational Organised Crime and also the provisions of the Convention on Transnational Organised Crime and the protocols thereto.

The Group holds the view that the United Nations Congresses on Crime Prevention and Treatment of Offenders should continue to be convened at five year intervals. This will contribute to maintaining the momentum in fighting international crime and the vigilance of the international community in this regard. We may also mention here that convening the UN Congresses does not entail any additional financial burden on the United Nations' budget.

With regard to the issue of corruption, the Group would like to express its deep concern for the grave problems associated with this phenomenon, namely endangering the stability and security of societies, undermining the values of democracy and morality and jeopardising social, economic and political development. The Group reiterates its full commitment to the elaboration of an international legal instrument against corruption. We strongly recommend that this new instrument should include measures to prevent the illegal transfers of funds and repatriation of illegally transferred funds to the countries of origin.
The Group also encourages the Terrorism Prevention Branch to intensify its efforts towards inter-alia the development of a specialised data base. Indeed, the fight against transnational organized crime and terrorism would be significantly enhanced by greater research, surveys and exchange of experience.
Mr. Chairman,

In order to make the work of the Commission more efficient, we should draw on the experience accumulated by a similar United Nations body, that is the Commission on Narcotic Drugs. The latter decided in its 42nd session to elect, henceforth, the Bureau of the coming session at the end of the current session. This will, no doubt facilitate the work of the Bureau. The usefulness of this innovation has been eloquently demonstrated during the 44th session of the CND. We should follow this example.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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