Statement of the G-77 and China during the Extraordinary Session of Working Group B (WGB) of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (11-12 May 2009) delivered by H.E. Ambassador Eugenio Marķa Curia, Permanent Representative of Argentina

Mr. Chairman,

On behalf of State Signatories of the Group of 77 and China, I am pleased to see you chairing the extraordinary session of Working Group B. I believe that under your chairmanship and guidance, discussions will lead to fruitful conclusions and I assure you of our full support and cooperation and would like to thank the Executive Secretary for his introductory statement.

Mr. Chairman

As regards the issue of the method of work of Working Group B, the Group of 77 and China once again reiterates its position that the annual programme of work of WGB can be carried out in two sessions per year, with duration of apiece three weeks. Therefore, the Group proposes that the tentative schedule of sessions of the Preparatory Commission and Its subsidiary bodies in 2010, as contained in Appendix II to the initial draft of 2010 programme and budget should be revised with a view to eliminating the proposed part I of the 35th session of the WGB.

Mr. Chairman,

The Group of 77 and China would like to once again thank the PTS specifically the OSI Division for all their endeavors on the preparation and successful conclusion of the 2008 Integrated Field Exercise that was conducted last year in Kazakhstan. The Group also would like to thank the PTS for conducting follow-up activities on the evaluation of the lessons learned from the IFE08. The group has received the IFE Evaluation Report, Report of On-Site Inspection Workshop-15 and looks forward to analyzing the Report of On-Site Inspection Workshop-16. The Group is of the view that these documents will assist State Signatories in evaluating, identifying and prioritizing the lessons learned from the IFE08 for further developing of the OSI Regime.

The Group takes note of the document CTBT/PTS/INF.999 on lessons learned report on the review and follow-up process for the 2008 integrated field exercise. The group requests the PTS that in the final phase of evaluation of the results of the IFE08, to provide a comprehensive report based on the IFE08 follow-up activities and feedback from State Signatories.

The Group reiterates that any possible set of recommendations to be derived from the experience attained in IFE08 should be structured in order of priority, taking into account cost and sustainability considerations, as well as the prospects for entry into force of the Treaty.

The Group also reiterates that future steps in the field of OSI, particularly as regards the next exercise cycle, should be fully discussed by all policy-making organs of the PrepCom, and that any concrete actions to that effect by the PTS must be based on a prior and specific mandate. While noting the need for the PTS to continue its efforts towards the reinforcement and improvement of its capabilities in the field of OSI, the Group believes that the next cycle should be based on the objective of organizing an integrated field exercise at the end of a period of three to four years and its magnitude should be defined in such as way as to minimize financial and budgetary implications.

The Group believes that the IFE08 played an important role in strengthening the OSI capabilities of the Organization. However, the exercise has also exposed some problems as shown in the related evaluation report. The Group suggests that the PTS and all the State Signatories, by drawing on the lessons learned, further strengthen the organizational and coordinating capabilities of the PTS, improve the OSI Operational Manual, strengthen the preparation and implementation of technical methodologies and strengthen the training of potential inspectors.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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