Statement of the G-77 and China at the IAEA Board of Governors, 9-10 December 1999 delivered by H.E. Ambassador Ali Akbar Salehi, Permanent Representative of Iran to the IAEA on behalf of H.E. Ambassador Yogesh M. Tiwari, Permanent Representative of India

Agenda Item 3: Medium Term Strategy

The Group of 77 and China takes this opportunity to revisit this issue on Medium Term Strategy and thanks the Secretariat for preparing the document (GOV/1999/69) and Director for External Relations and Policy Coordination for introducing it.
The Group looks forward through the Medium Term Strategy to the improvement of capacity building in developing Member States in order to fully absorb the benefits of nuclear technology. The importance attached to the acceleration and enlargement of the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity as enshrined in the Statute and reflected in the vision of this document is welcome.
We endorse the priority assigned to the potential role of nuclear energy in sustainable development and the emphasis on new and emerging applications, such as small and medium size reactors for electricity generation and heat production as well as for sea water desalination, in conformity with resolution GC(43)/Res/15, as adopted by the 43rd session of the General Conference. The Group is in favour of the priority attached to the exchange of information and encourages the facilitation of the exchange of experience and expertise for improvement of nuclear safety and for the development of an effective worldwide safety culture.
As stated in the Board Meeting held in June 1999, the Group appreciates the emphasis on the promotion of nuclear power as a climate - friendly source of energy. In this connection the Group is happy to note that reference has been made in this document to the ways of achieving the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as adopted by the Kyoto Protocol. It may be worthwhile for the Agency to be adequately represented at the negotiations under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
Regarding the external synergies with other international organizations and the private sector, we are glad to note that equal access is extended to all Member States of the IAEA to any documentation and information resulting from such co-operation. However, our concern that the main priorities of the developing world may not be addressed by organizations with limited memberships comprising developed nations is still valid. We would appreciate it if our concern is adequately addressed prior to undertaking any joint programme or partnership.
We reiterate the importance of establishing "Regional Resource Centres" for the exchange of expertise among developing countries under TCDC.
The Group of 77 and China raised in the June Board of Governors meeting that the question of budget and resources needs to be addressed in realistic manner. The T.C. funding has been an issue of great concern and worry to our Group. The Group wishes that predictable and assured funding for TC programme be duly emphasized among the goals of the Agency.
While it recognizes safeguards as one of the important activities of the Agency, the Group reiterates its view that the delicate balance between promotional and verificational activities should be maintained. We also take note of the fact that the IAEA is the sole competent authority to verify compliance according to relevant agreements undertaken by the Member States.
Mr. Chairman, the Group has noted that the document at certain places addresses specific projects whereas at other places talks of generalities without elaborating what they are, and therefore it views that the document is not exhaustive.
All these important aspects for the developing countries should be duly taken into consideration for the Medium Term Strategy, which is to be used initially as reference for the elaboration of the programme and budget for the future years. The Group takes note of document GOV/1999/69 on the understanding that the Medium Term Strategy is a rolling document and its present version is only a starting point for identifying and prioritizing the activities of the Agency in the coming years, in consultation with Member States.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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