Statement of the G-77 and China at the IAEA Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee (TACC), 6-8 December 1999 delivered by H.E. Ambassador Ali Akbar Salehi, Permanent Representative of Iran to the IAEA on behalf of H.E. Ambassador Yogesh M. Tiwari, Permanent Representative of India

Agenda Item 2: Technical Cooperation: The Agency's proposed programme for 2000

The Group of 77 and China very much appreciates Dr. El Baradei's introductory statement and also Dr. Qian's detailed comments on the Agenda items.

The Group sincerely appreciates, in addition, the preparation and submission of documents GOV/1999/66, GOV/1999/66/Add.1 and GOV/INF/1999/13 by the Secretariat. Nevertheless, the Group would wish to be given a clearer view of the net transfer of US$1.9 million from 1999 to 2000, as well as of the general financial balance shown in this paragraph. Footnote-a/ projects, for instance, have been upgraded by means of US$2.7 million taken from the TC Fund. Further information is needed on the particular criteria for assigning priorities.

The Group of 77 welcomes the use of more experts from individual regions within the context of TCDC, while applying sufficiently strict control in travel costs and other cost saving measures, as this definitely points towards efficiency. The Group equally welcomes the efforts made on the incorporation of training events into the TC Programme, in the context of well defined objectives within the needs and priorities of the Member States. The G-77 notes that the provisions for year 2000's training activities are being kept at a comparable level with 1999's and the fact that for year 2000 there is even a slight increase over the total planned activities for 1999.

The Group would like to express its deep concern after learning that some of the major donors may not fulfill their commitments to the TCF for year 2000, as in previous years, as the developing countries pursue their own commitments in this respect. There is the need that major donors continue to contribute to the TCF, so that the balance between TC activities and other IAEA priorities is maintained. Any sign of lack of interest towards the TCF would undoubtedly bring negative consequences to the IAEA. The Group nevertheless appreciates those countries whose payments have made it possible to implement TC activities.

In the Board of Governors meeting held in June, the Group of 77 and China pointed out that the question of budget and resources needs to be addressed in a realistic manner. The T.C. funding has been an issue of great concern to us, so the Group wishes that predictable and assured funding for TC programme be duly emphazised among the goals of the Agency, in conformity with resolution GC(43)/Res/15, as adopted by the 43rd General Conference.

Mr. Chairman, as you are aware, no agreement has been reached on the recommendation of the Indicative Planning Figures (IPFs) for the years 2001-2002, as well as for the estimate IPFs for 2003-2004. The G-77 therefore urges the Member States to resume discussions, as soon as possible, with a view to recommending to the General Conference IPFs for 2001-2002 as well as for the years 2003-2004.

The G-77 welcomes and gives its support to the introduction of synergy measures between the work of the TC Department and that of the Technical Departments, without affecting goals and priorities.
With regard to document GOV/INF/1999/13, the G-77 sees with satisfaction the fact that the Secretariat has already introduced some of the global indicators that allow a more balanced view on progresses during the implementation of the TC Programme. Nevertheless the indicators used to characterize the implementation of the TC Programme do not truly reflect the real indicators of efficiency.

The Group fully supports the recommendation of the External Auditor 1998 Report to develop a basket of high level global indicators. The Group supports a more balanced view of progress to be reported to the Governing Body to reflect not only financial implementation but also effectiveness, % impact achieved, timeliness and efficiency. In this respect, members of the Group are willing to cooperate in such a pilot scheme.

Finally, the Group would like to express its sincere gratitude for the efforts of the TC Department and of the Secretariat as a whole in respect of the implementation of the Technical Cooperation Programme.

Thank you Mr. Chairman.

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