Statement of the G-77 and China during the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, 24 November 2005 delivered by H.E. Ambassador Sheel Kant Sharma, PR of India

Agenda IV: The Agency's monetary award of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2005

Mr. Chairman,

The Group of G-77 and China expresses its appreciation to the Secretariat for preparing document GOV/2005/86 and wishes to thank you for introducing this item.

The G-77 and China and NAM in a joint statement on 14 October 2005 welcomed the award of the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 to the IAEA and the Director General, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei. They also stated that the award was a testimony and recognition of the efforts carried out by the Agency and the Director General in ensuring the safe and peaceful development and use of nuclear technologies, and an acknowledgement of the Agency's role in promoting atomic energy towards peace, health and prosperity.

The two Groups further expressed the view that the Board should give due consideration for the Agency's monetary award from the Nobel Committee to be used for funding development and practical application of atomic energy for peaceful purposes to meet the needs of the developing countries.

The Group of 77 and China is pleased that the Board agreed that the Agency's monetary award be used for funding the needs of developing countries in the peaceful application of nuclear energy, specifically in the human health and food production sectors.

In this context, the G-77 and China welcomes the recommendations contained in the report of the Director General under Agenda Item 4 of this session of the Board relating to the Agency's monetary award of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2005, contained in document GOV/2005/86.

The G-77 and China endorses the DG's proposal that that the Agency's share of the monetary award of approximately Euro 525,000 should be used for funding human resource development in developing countries in the areas of cancer management and nutrition.

The Group also welcomes the proposal to award fellowships to young professionals, particularly women, from developing Member States through the Agency's Technical Cooperation Programme or coordinated research activities and to conduct training courses in regional countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. These proposals will enable individuals from all developing regions to benefit from the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Group also welcomes the establishment of a Special Fund for the award, and agrees that this fund be known as the "IAEA Nobel Cancer and Nutrition Fund". The Group encourages Member States and donors to contribute to the special fund.

With these comments, Mr. Chairman, the Group of 77 and China endorses the proposed recommendations in document GOV/2005/86.

Thank you Mr. Chairman.

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