Statement of the G-77 and China during the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, 27-28 November 2008, delivered by H.E. Ambassador Shahbaz, Permanent Representative of Pakistan

Agenda Item 6: Any other matters

Madam Chair,

The Group of 77 and China supports, as a matter of principle, every action aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Agency to fulfill its statutory functions. The Group therefore appreciates the initiative of the Chairperson of the Board of Governors to propose the establishment of an open-ended mechanism to discuss "the nature and scope of the Agency's programme up to 2020 and beyond".

The Group believes that planning the future of the Agency is an exercise of utmost importance and that all efforts should be made in order to ensure that such an exercise is successful. To that end, the Group believes it is essential that the approach is conceived with great care, taking into account the views and expectations of the whole membership of the Agency. Consensual agreements on the agenda, the timeframe and the modalities of work would be crucial before substantive deliberations could commence.

Thank you Madam Chair.

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