Statement by the Group of 77 and China statement during the Informal IAEA Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee delivered by H.E. Ambassador Armin Andereya, Permanent Representative of Chile

Vienna, 19 November 2015
Mr. Chair,

1. At the outset, the G-77 and China expresses its deep condolences to the French and Lebanese Governments and people for the terrorist attack perpetrated last Friday, extending the deepest condolences to the victims and families. In the same line, the Group wishes to express its deep condolences to the Government of Russia and to the families of the victims of the plane crash over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula who innocently lost their lives earlier this month.

2. The Group of 77 and China expresses its appreciation to the Secretariat for this informal technical presentation and for the presentation of 30 October and the additional clarifications provided by the Deputy Director General for Technical Cooperation in his meeting with the G-77 and China task force meeting last 12 November.

3. The Group is of the view that, in striving to achieve the goal of increasing the rate of attainment, the principles of fairness, neutrality and universality should be preserved. The Group believes that the exceptional circumstances beyond the control of states should be taken into account in all cases, including for national projects. The Group also believes that any proposed guidelines should be applied in a manner that does not adversely affect the TC Programme.

4. The Group acknowledges the Secretariat’s efforts in preparing the document GOV/2015/10. The Group is considering this document and would appreciate further consultations on this issue.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

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