Statement by the Group of 77 and China statement during the Informal IAEA Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee, starting on 14 November 2016 delivered by H.E. Ambassador Simon Madjumo Maruta, Permanent Representative of Namibia

Vienna, 14 November 2016

Agenda Item 2: Technical Cooperation: The Agency's proposed Programme for 2017

Mr. Chairman,

1. The Group would like to thank the Secretariat for the Agency’s Proposed Technical Cooperation Program for 2017, as contained in document GOV/2016/50, as well as Deputy Director General Mr Dazhu Yang and the staff at the Department of Technical Cooperation for the briefing provided to Member States on October 28th. We also thank DDG Yang for his introductory remarks under this agenda item.[not to be read] Mr. Chairman,

2. The Group reiterates the paramount importance of the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Program as the main vehicle for the statutory function of promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The Technical Cooperation Program plays an important role for the sustainable socioeconomic progress in developing countries and contributes towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

3. The Group reiterates that the Technical Cooperation Program is a shared responsibility and that, as such, it has to be the result of the combined efforts mainly of the Department of Technical Cooperation, of the Technical Departments and of Member States themselves. These efforts are crucial for the planning and successful implementation of the Technical Cooperation Program, which is based on the needs and evolving priorities of those Member States in which TC projects are implemented.

Mr. Chairman,

4. The Group notes that Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF) target for 2017 is €84.9 million, as approved by the General Conference in 2016 and that a rate of attainment of 88% has been used as a basis for calculating the resources that are expected to be available. The Group emphasises the importance of the TCF in the implementation of the TCP and reiterates its call on all Member States to pay their contributions in accordance with the indicative scale of assessment in full and on time. The Group also requests the Secretariat to work closely with Member States to improve the rate of attainment on payments to the TCF.

5. The Group recalls the decision of the Board of Governors, as contained in document GOV/2016/29, through which Secretariat was requested to place the appropriate emphasis on the activities directly related to the implementation of the SDGs during the preparation of the Programme and Budget Proposal 2018–2019, and aware of the need for sufficient, assured and predictable resources. The Group also requests the Secretariat, when presenting the Programme and Budget Proposal 2018–2019, to inform Member States on how it intends to give effect to the Board’s decision to place appropriate emphasis on the activities directly related to the implementation of the SDGs; in accordance with the General Conference resolution GC (60)/RES.11.

Mr. Chairman,

Addressing the Challenges Facing Least Developed Countries in the Peaceful Application of Nuclear Energy through the Technical Cooperation Programme

1. The Group of G-77 and China thanks the Director General and Secretariat for responding to the General Conference resolution GC(60)/RES/11, and previous resolutions. The Group notes the statement to the effect that TC programme contributes to addressing the sustainable development needs of LDCs and that LDC priorities for support through the TC programme tend to focus on food and agriculture, and health and nutrition. In the context of LDC’s, the Group notes the Grouping of characteristics and challenges w.r.t peaceful applications of Nuclear Energy as safety infrastructure, human and technical capacity, and financial limitations. The Group also notes that delivery of the programme in LDCs includes focusing TC support in the most relevant thematic areas; building human and institutional capacity; and facilitating partnerships, including TCDC and resource mobilization. The Group is studying the report and looks forward to further consideration of the report along with discussions on the Programme and Budget Cycle 2018-2019 and the next cycle of Technical Cooperation Programme.

2. With these remarks, the Group joins the consensus in having the Committee recommend to the Board the actions listed in the Agency’s proposed Technical Cooperation program as contained in document GOV/2016/50, and requests that its views and comments be duly reflected in the official records of the TACC meeting.

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