Statement of the G-77 and China delivered by H.E. Ambassador Taous Ferroukhi, Permanent Representative of Algeria during the Meeting of the Working Group on Financing the Agency's Activities

Vienna, 24 November 2010

Madam Chairperson,

The Group of 77 and China expresses its appreciation to H.E. Mrs. Marjatta Rasi, Ambassador of Finland, in convening this meeting for the purpose considering aspects of its mandate relating to the financing Agency's technical cooperation programme. We reiterate our full confidence in your capability in guiding our work and look forward to engaging with you in a constructive manner in the coming months.

We recall that as part of your Package Proposal to the Board of Governors on the Agency's draft Budget Update for 2011, the WGFAA will reconvene after the General Conference to discuss the issue of TCF resources, with a view to making them sufficient, assured and predictable (SAP), and the relationship between the TCF and the levels of the over-all Agency budget.

The Group looks forward to consideration of specific proposals towards this end, including an agreement to increase the resources of the TCF in the future cycles in a manner that matches the overall increase in the budget. In this regard, it should be stressed that the TCF target has only grown nominally in an ad hoc manner in comparison to real growth in the Agency's regular budget, the bulk of which are devoted to non-promotional activities.

The Group is of the view that the process for setting of TCF targets should be carried out in a constructive manner, taking into account the political commitment of all parties towards fulfilling the statutory mandate of the Agency in delivering technical cooperation.

The Group stands ready to engage in serious and constructive discussions that would lead to substantive outcomes for Board action, and which would facilitate the discussions on the budget and the setting of TCF targets for future cycles.

Thank you, Madame Chairperson.

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