Statement by the Group of 77 and China during meeting of the Working Group on Resource Mobilization, delivered by the Chairman of the Group of 77, H.E. Ambassador Armin ANDEREYA, Permanent Representative of Chile

Vienna, 22 April 2015


1. The Group of 77 and China thanks the co-chairs of the Working Group on Resource Mobilization for the work they are undertaking in leading our discussions on the recommendations of the “Working Group on Financing the Agency’s Activities, including to examine the ways and means to render resources for the Technical Cooperation Fund sufficient, assured and predictable (GOV/2014/49)” pertaining to supplementary resource mobilization for the Technical Cooperation Fund.

2. The Group reiterates its support for the generation of additional sources of funding for Technical Cooperation activities and, in this regard, the concept of an Agency-specific Public-Private Partnership in line with the practice in the UN and in specialised agencies.

3. In this regard, the Group of 77 and China believes the Agency needs to strengthen its capacity to tap on new and additional resources through resource mobilization and public-private partnerships for Technical Cooperation, in order to complement -and never to replace- the current sources of funding such as contributions by Member States and extra-budgetary contributions by donor States.

4. The Group thanks the co-chairs for this revised version of the “Draft Strategic Guidelines on Partnerships and Resource Mobilization”, and is ready to engage constructively on this basis in order to have a strong Guidelines document that allows for such strengthened resource mobilization for the Technical Cooperation Programme. The title of the guidelines should reflect closely the mandate of our work.

5. In particular, the Group would like to stress that these Guidelines should focus on the clearly defined scope and the priority goal as agreed by the Board last September, namely to assist the Secretariat in engaging in a coherent and systematic manner with all relevant partners, in particular the private sector, for the Technical Cooperation Programme.

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