Statement of the G-77 and China during the Informal Consultations on UNGASS for the 52nd session and high-level segment of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, 10-20 March 2009 delivered by H.E. Ambassador Shahbaz, PR of Pakistan on 4 February 2009

Madam Chair,

The G77 and China wishes to reiterate its support to you and the other members of the bureau for the efficiency and impartiality with which the negotiations on the Political Declaration and the Plan of Action are being conducted.

The Group supports your revised text as the basis for negotiation of the Political Declaration and stresses that the previous draft resulting from the first reading will only be used as a reference document.

The G77 and China is deeply committed to the success of this negotiating process. In particular, we consider the Plan of Action, to which we have dedicated time and resources, as an indivisible part of such process. Thus, the Group cannot conceive of the idea of not having both, the Political Declaration and the Plan of Action, as the outcome of this process.

The G77 and China considers that whatever measures and actions to be agreed upon in the Declaration and the Plan of Action, they should be supported by an appropriate scheme of technical, financial and technological assistance. Only with such scheme can the international community as a whole be in a position to address effectively the world drug problem.

The Group urges concerned delegations to undertake intensive informal consultations, and to consider the proposals on the table, in order to successfully conclude this process.

Thank you Madam Chair.
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