Opening welcome statement of the G-77 and China delivered by H.E. Ambassador Sayed G. Elamin, Permanent Representative of Sudan, during the LDC Ministerial Conference, Vienna, 29-30 November 2007

Mr. Chairman,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Group of 77 and China highly appreciates UNIDO's initiative on organizing the LDCs Ministerial Conference focusing on the theme "How can aid for trade transform LDCs?" This LDCs Ministerial Confernce has been very well prepared, as I myself could witness during the Expert Group Meeting held in Ouagadougou in early September of this year.

The Group believes that UNIDO, as an implementing agency, has a great contribution to tackle LDCs' needs and gaps for Aid for Trade. The Group supports UNIDO's active participation in Advisory Group established by WTO's Director-General.

The LDCs, with restricted participation in global trade and inadequate resources, require more support from international community in order to continue on their path of development.

The Group believes that Aid for Trade should focus on enhancing competitiveness, diversifying agricultural, industrial and services capabilities, improving infrastructure and strengthening supply-side capacity. The Group Underlines that aid for trade should address some of the most urgent challenges facing LDCs, especially those related to development objectives, including the need to increase productivity and employment.

The Group of 77 and China will continue to mobilize additional efforts with the international community to attain better provisions for aid and market access, including assistance in capacity-building and diversification to achieve the Millennium development goals.

Thank you.

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