Statement of the G-77 and China at the at the Fourtheenth Session of the Programme and Budget Committee 9 - 11 September 1998: delivered by H.E. Ambassador Mr. M. Reguieg, Permanent Representative of Algeria to UNIDO on behalf of H.E. Ambassador Ms. N.Mxakato-Diseko, Permanent Representative of South Africa

Item 8: Medium-Term Programme Framework,2000-2003

The Group of 77 expresses warm appreciation for the successful efforts undertaken by the Director-General to revitalize the organization during the current reform process. Furthermore it welcomes the Director-General's proposal for the Medium-Term Programme Framework presented in document PBC. 14/8, IDB.20/9, which will be presented on the basis of the Business Plan and structured, around the new integrated services of UNDO. The Group also welcomes the efforts of the Director-General to further diversify the sources of funding for technical cooperafion activities as well as the proposed emphasis on further strengthening UNDO's field representation.

Concerning the regular budget for the years 2000-2001 it should be recalled that the Organization has undergone a series of budgetary reduction in recent years, which culminated in the 20% decrease applied to the budget for the period 1998-99. In order, however, for UNDO to adequately fulfill its mandate and implement its activities sufficient resources should be made available in the regular as well as the operational budget.

The Group of 77 takes note of the Director-General's proposal for the 2000-2001 regular budget concerning a ceiling representing zero real growth. However, the G77 is of the view that a positive increase of resources would be more appropriate to allow UNDO to fulfill its mandate and would thus give a political signal for the important role of the organization in the next Millennium.

Thank you Mr. Chairman.

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