Bonn, Germany, 11 June 2011

Today Saturday 11 June in Bonn, work continued in both tracks under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The AWG on the Kyoto Protocol, on resuming its work today, decided to reopen a number of spin-off groups on specific issues such as LULUCF, markets, methodological issues, mechanisms and numbers (on emissions reduction by Annex I Parties). This allows for technical consultations to progress in this fashion while the political decisions continue to be addressed within the AWG-KP. The Group of 77 and China, Mexico, Switzerland and the European Union, among others, expressed their support for the Kyoto Protocol process, which was received as a good omen by most observers. Emphasis was placed on the importance of ensuring a credible process. It is expected that the work in spin-off groups could help move forward the process towards the adoption of a second commitment period in Durban.

Also, in an informal meeting convened by the host country, Ambassador at Large of South Africa for Climate Change, Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko, reiterated the will of her country to lead a transparent preparation process, open to the input of parties and civil society. She briefed participants on the ongoing preparations of the 17 COP and 7 MOP in Durban.

The Chair and members of the G77 and China expressed the conviction that South Africa would prove an effective and mobilizing force behind the African COP, and reiterated their commitment to a successful meeting in Durban, that should deliver a balanced and comprehensive outcome that moves forward in both negotiation tracks, i.e. which includes a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol and the full implementation of the Convention, including the Cancun decisions.

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