Panama City, Panama, 7 October 2011

"The Kyoto protocol is a cornerstone of the climate change regime, and nothing will be achieved unless it can be extended in Durban", said the Chair of the G77 and China, Jorge Argüello.

The G77 and China remains fully committed to these negotiations and to make the COP17/CMP7 in Durban a success, with a balanced and comprehensive outcome under the experienced leadership of South Africa. The Group believes this resumed session has proved to be of great added value, with positive results in terms of making concrete progress in order to arrive in Durban with greater clarity, an improved mutual understanding and concrete texts to work on, in several cases.

At the closing plenary of the AWG-KP, the Chair of the G77 and China reaffirmed, "The Kyoto Protocol is a cornerstone of the climate change regime. We believe that the Kyoto Protocol is essential in enhancing the ambition of developed countries. In this regard, the establishment of Annex I commitments for the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol is the central priority for Durban. Any other result would undermine the rules-based multilateral response to climate change under the UNFCCC and cast a shadow over our shared commitment to multilateralism."

The Group of 77 and China considers that there has been indubitable progress in our work, albeit a concern persists about the uneven progress in negotiations and the need for decisive leadership to ensure that all working texts (CRPs) from the parties are being discussed and that there is a positive basis for successful negotiations in Durban. The Group trusts to see in Durban a fair and equal treatment of all issues that are important to all Parties. A serious imbalance in the progress of issues can clearly not be conducive to a successful, comprehensive and balanced outcome.

Jorge Argüello, the Chair of G77 and China, explained at the LCA plenary: "It is clear that without financing, including for technology development and transfer and capacity building, the extent to which developing country Parties will be able to effectively implement their commitment under the Convention will be directly affected".

The Group of 77 and China is encouraged by the progress made in this resumed session and will continue to be engaged and work constructively to move forward, yet the Group wants to highlight the need for balance, both within mitigation and between mitigation and other building blocks, including adaptation and financing. The willingness of Parties to engage on concrete text in good faith must exist from all Parties and on all issues. This would be a definitive step towards the balance we want to achieve.

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