The Group of 77 will commemorate on 11 and 12 June 2004, in São Paulo, Brazil, its 40th anniversary on the eve of UNCTAD XI. On this occasion, the Group of 77 will have an opportunity to review its achievements of four decades of solidarity for the development of the South.

This is a new opportunity for the Group of 77 to reaffirm its cohesion and political unity in the challenging international environment and to position itself as one of the principal actors in the multilateral stage. Today, the prospects of achieving the objectives of the Group are closely related to our capacity to maintain and improve coordination of the activities that we undertake in the different Chapters of the Group of 77 within the United Nations system located in Geneva, Nairobi, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Washington, D.C. (Group of 24) .

The strength and vitality of the Group of 77 is demonstrated by its considerable achievements over the years both in terms of South-South cooperation and North-South relations. Working for equity and justice in the world economic order to build solid foundation for world peace and came to exercise significant influence in shaping international multilateral relations particularly in the field of trade, financing for development and poverty eradication.

Through an exchange of views in São Paulo on the performance of the Group of 77 and its future role in the light of new challenges and developments, the Special Ministerial Meeting is expected that a Declaration will be adopted on this occasion.

Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser
Permanent Representative
of the State of Qatar to the United Nations
Chairman of the Group of 77